Package Shelves


买大乐透12加2多少钱conform currently produces the most heavily-contented package shelves in north america. our package shelves are typically based-upon azdel substrates ranging from 1000 gsm – 2000 gsm in weight. we have the ability to run natural fiber substrate materials as well. we mold most of the plastic injection molded component parts in-house and we are excellent producers of micro-perforated speaker grilles.

our package shelves include many different speaker grille variations. we produce parts with nonwoven carpet face materials and woven fabric materials. what truly sets us apart from other package shelve manufacturers is: our experience in supplying parts with power sunshade assemblies. the power sunshade assemblies are very heavy and all electrical componentry needs to be tested prior-to shipping to the oem customer.

we are the low-cost producer and the quality leader of package shelves in north america.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Compression Molding
  • Injection Molding
  • Assembly
  • Sequencing


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